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Financial, Accounting & Management
Our services integrate the knowledge, skills, and tools needed to serve companies throughout their business lifecycle.  In times of economic downturn, businesses look to the finance function to lead the way with sound financial management. This means benchmarking performance to identify efficiencies and savings. It means improving your systems and processes so that your business information is more accurate and readily available. We provide a range of accounting support to assist the internal finance and audit preparation functions such as Post-general ledger "record" accounting, assistance with period close, trial balance compilation, reconciliations, data gathering and analysis, budget preparations, and cashflow projections.  Contact us for additional service offerings.
Tax, Compliance & Regulatory Reporting

With our professional expertise, we deliver a comprehensive, practical approach to tax planning that help meet your tax and statutory responsibilities while identifying planning opportunities and providing specialized services to achieve cost efficiencies. We design your tax strategies with your company’s operations and overall business plan so that when we prepare and file your income, payroll, sales & use, state/local, or municipal tax returns and reports, we are utilizing the smartest positions.  Accounting Compliance and Reporting services are focused on helping companies meet their financial reporting requirements. Our services in finance and tax support the full spectrum of compliance needs. A strong combination of tax and legal knowledge helps provide clients comprehensive guidance navigated across a broad range of critical business issues.

Real Estate Administration & Management, Development Consulting, Facilities Management
Real estate owners, developers, investors and corporate occupiers need to meet regulatory requirements and gauge financial risks and rewards. We help move you forward both locally and nationally. We provide a capital projects consulting team that will work with you from preconstruction to project closeout.  We draw on our expert industry knowledge and insight to provide tax, transactional, financial, law and advisory services utilizing our team of subject matter experts containing cross industry disciplines. Our facilities team helps manage repair, alteration, and maintenance creating improved efficiency and effectiveness at facilities. Property managment, operations, monitoring, and budgets.  Additional assistance provided in contract administration, invoice review, schedule and budget maintenance.  Multi-family and tax-driven investments with multiple layers of public and private financing, tax credit equity and tax-exempt bonds is a niche team area of expertise. Contact us for this service and let us help you deliver more projects on time and budget.
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